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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Essential oils during the childbearing years-Jasmine Oil

One study showed an increase in blood pressure, breathing rate, and oxygen saturation.  It also had an arousing affect.  Because of that, I would suggest using Clary sage or lavender to help with relaxation during labor instead of Jasmine.   This is a difference that I found between the research literature(which describe it as a stimulant) and other sources I've found on the web.  In either case, there are other reasons to use Jasmine other than relaxation.

This may be an oil that could be useful before getting an epidural to help counteract the effects of the epidural.  This may be something that is useful during the pushing stage to help decrease fatigue and increase oxygen in the mom.  Also, this may be an oil that could be used when the babies heart rate is dipping and may need more oxygen.  This could also help increase the mothers stamina during this time.

This may also be useful to help with post-partum depression or baby blues.

I think a blend of Jasmine and orange oil may be useful for all the situations described above.

Some anecdotal uses: It has been said to strengthen uterine contractions and helps relieve the pain.  This also may be useful afterwards to help contract the uterus and decrease the pain of afterpains.  It also is said to help increase milk supply.  I also read that it helps increase elasticity, so using it during pushing to decrease tears could be a plausible use.  It may also help your skin afterwards and decrease stretch marks.

If it helps to regulate contractions, this may also help move early labor along, while giving the mom more energy and stamina.

It is also said to be an aphordisiac, which makes sense if it increases alertness and decreases depression.  So for those who care about that, there you go.

One site I found also claimed that it increases metabolism and helped increase weight loss.

Jasmine oil also helps with painful or irregular periods as well as decrease other symptoms of pms.

Precautions:  Jasmine does not usually cause allergic reactions, but it could.  Also, this is not a good oil to use during pregnancy


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