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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Essential Oil Giveaway

I've got one anxiety kit left that I have been selling.  I thought I'd offer it to you guys as a giveaway.  For those who want to enter, there are three things you can do.

1. Click Like on my facebook link on the right side of my page.
2. Start following my blog.
3. Post a link to my blog on your site.

Then post a comment telling me you what you did.  Pretty easy:)

The kit includes peppermint, orange oil, lavender and a blend with rose and jasmine oil in it.  You will get 1 mL of each of these.  Check back tomorrow because I'll be posting info on these oils too.


Brittany said...

I have already done all of those things :) I'm really interested in using essential oils for myself and in my doula practice, and would love to win this!

Christina said...

I Liked your facebook page, and I've subscribed to follow your blog by email notifications. I would dearly like to try these oils out because I'm about 4 months pregnant and still sick. I've heard wonderful reviews of them from friends, but my husband is weary of the cost. So with this sample, I'm hoping my husband will see their value and be converted. Pick me, please oh please!

Rachel said...

I would love to give everyone oils quite honestly:) So I think I'll do a drawing on Fri for the winner...there's is no way I could choose one:) But, I will be doing more of these. Plus if anyone is interested I sell small kits for specific problems during pregnancy and labor. If you interested let me know. My whole purpose in that is to provide small samples for people to try that aren't as expensive. The kits usually run around &15 depending on what I put in them and they include about 4 oils...1 mL each.

Otherwise, I just have to wait until my pocket book allows me to do more free samples:)

d3f5c25e-9129-11e0-add3-000bcdcb471e said...

That was pretty easy. You were already LIKED on my facebook page and I siged up to follow you via email so I don't miss anything. I have heard about doTerra but haven't tried them yet. They sound like they have some good stuff! Thanks!

d3f5c25e-9129-11e0-add3-000bcdcb471e said...

Oh, and I posted you on my facebook page as well :)Can't forget all of that.

Rachel said...

Brittney won, but I also picked a second winner to get some orange oil that helps with anxiety and nausea(it's safe during pregnancy). Christina won this one. I need your addresses, though, so e-mail me and I'll get you your stuff.

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