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Friday, July 8, 2011

Why my children are my heroes

I found a contest at our local grocery store that asked you to write a short essay about why your children or parents are your heros.  It really got me thinking about my own kids and how there is so much admire many of their talents and personalities.  So here's my thoughts on why my children are my heros.

Emma is a dancer and loves to dance around the house almost constantly.  I love that about her, but what I really have loved to see as she has grown in her dancing, is her interaction with a girl in her class who is developmentally disabled.  This particular girl will often talk to herself and needs help knowing when to move and when not too.  For many of the girls in this class, that was a little off putting and they would mostly stay away from her.  But not Emma.  She would slid up next to her and take her hand when she needed help.  She would take the time to respond to her ramblings, and during the recital she would help her find her way as they danced across the stage together.  This fall she will be volunteering in a class for disabled kids in dance.  When she found out she would be able to do this, a huge smile crept across her face and she glowed with excitement.  Emma is my hero because she has the talent and desire to work with others who need more help and who are different from her.

Aaron is a sweet boy and is very in tune to how I feel.  There are days when the stress of being a mom is so very hard.  Many times when he knows I'm having a hard day, he'll ask me what he can do for me or what I need.  He'll give me hugs and  try and help out more at these times.  He will often come up to me when he knows I've had a hard day and tell me he's said a prayer for me.  Aaron is my hero because he has compassion for those around him.

Dallin has always looked a the world in a different way.  He is the one that would ask the questions of how things work and why.  Often the question were phrased in ways that were a little different or would make me think a little bit harder about why things are the way they are.  He loves the stars and enjoys puzzles and games.  Dallin is my hero because he has a great sense of wonder about the world around him.

Joseph has the most infectious smile.  When he smiles, you know he is genuinely happy, and it just radiates from him.  He likes to joke and play and share that joy with those around him.  When I'm down, I know his smile can always help bring me up.  Joseph is my hero because he as an infectious joy for the life around him.

Jacob loves being with all his older brothers and his sister.  He loves having anyone around to play with and will jump right into any game that is already in progress.  He likes to include as many people in his games as possible.  Jacob is my hero because he enjoys others and wants everyone to be his friend.

I'm not sure where I would be without all my little ones.  They truly our my example and heroes in so many ways. 

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