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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Epidural birthplan

If I should choose an epidural birthplan:

1. No Vaginal checks unless I say it's ok.  If there are no other signs of progress, then we can discuss how often to have vaginal checks at that point.
2. Don't keep the blood pressure cuff on, and only take it when necessary.  This was every hour where I worked(except right after the epidural), so that's what I'll be expecting.
3. I would like more comfortable bedding, so I will be bringing my own pad for the bed until it is time to push.
4. I would like to wear my own clothes.
5. I would like wear underwear with a pad on.
6. If it is more comfortable for me, I would like to sit straight up in bed to allow gravity and positioning to work the best for me.  I would also like to change positions frequently when awake.
7. I will more than likely only be getting the epidural for exhaustion purposes, so I request that you allow me to sleep when I am sleeping and don't wake me up unless there is a medical emergency.
8. Since there has been no research to show that eating and drinking are harmful during labor, I request food and drink if I want.  This is of course as long as there are no medical problems present.
9. I would like to sit up for pushing.
10. I would like to wait to push until I either feel the urge or I am at least a +2 station.  I would like to try and push with my urges only.  If that doesn't work, than we can talk about a more effective way to push.
11. While pushing, please don't stretch my tissue or put your hands in my vagina without asking.  More than likely, I will not want to be touched much there.  If necessary, I will support the tissue around my perineum myself while pushing.
12. I do not want my waters broken unless it is discussed with me first.
13.  I prefer to avoid pitocin.  If I am not yet 4-5 cm, I don't know that I am yet in active labor, so I don't want pitocin unless it has been very long.  After 5cm, I request that you allow me more time to dilate.  I will accept pitocin if I am not dilating 1cm every 2-3 hours.  If that is the case, I would like to discuss options beforehand.

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Birth is a Journey: Does it have to be life changing?

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