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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Doula Training

I am planning on offering Doula training through my business New Beginnings Childbirth Services.  For now I am working out how I want to do the training, so for those that are interested, you can get a 9-month course for only $50.  It is all web based, with the idea of adding webinars to facilitate learning.  I am also available by e-mail for questions and for turning in assignments.  

Content for course I am offering:

1. Intro into the nursing process and how that applies to labor.

2. Intro into Maslow's Hierarchy of needs.

3. Normal Pysiologic labor.

4. Stress response

5. Pain

6. Doula's Interventions(for lack of a better word)

7. Common Medical interventions and how to help when they are needed

8. Initial interview with client

9. Communicating with the medical world

10. Debriefing

I'm not sure of all the course work yet, but there will be some. I will base most of course work off of case studies and then using what is called a care plan in the nursing world. As new ideas are introduced, there will be case studies to look at and provide a written care plan. The text I will be using will be The Nurturing Touch at Birth by Paulina Perez. I will probably have a few others too. There will also be readings to do online.

Because I want to ensure that the doula's I train continue to represent my business well, I will be requiring re-certification every two years.  You will be required to attend conferences/classes/reading that will keep you up to date on your knowledge base.  I will offer some courses to assist with this.

My Background:
I've been a nurse since 2004 and have worked in all women and children fields including labor and delivery/NICU/postpartum. I am also a certified doula. My goals as a doula is to attend to women's mental, emotional, physiological, and spiritual well being and to help facilitate decision making during the labor process.

If anyone is interested please leave a comment below.

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