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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Peace on earth begins at birth

"At Jesus' birth there was a midwife; of this, I'm very sure,
A tired woman left her bed to help His mother, so young, so poor.
The midwife held the mother's hand, gave quiet words of praise,
Used her hands, her heart, her skills - all her practiced ways.

The midwife shared the mother's joy in the miracle she bore,
Helped her bathe Him, feed Him, care for Him, taught her mother lore.
She helped her with the swaddling clothes and put Him in the manger,
Helped her rest, regain her strength - but never as a stranger.

The Bible does not tell of this, as we are all aware.
It was understood in that day and time a woman would be there .
A dedicated person always responsive to the need...
No matter the hour, the mother's status - to care, her creed.

Jesus had a midwife, a woman helped His mother...
His birth an event so human and yet divinely other.
The midwife chose to answer the call, helping other women,
Attending at births - her vocation, her place in God's dominion"

The title of this post was from the birth center I had two of my children in, in Tucson, AZ. I thought it was appropriate for this time of year. The poem, I got from someone on Facebook. Many gifts were given that night to the Christ child, including those not mentioned much. We don't know if there was another woman there to attend to Mary(I would assume there was, but I'm not a history major), but both Mary and Joseph gave of themselves on this night. And in my personal belief, Christ continues to give to and love all of us.

Here is a neat link I found about Jewish midwifes in the Bible.

I wish all a Merry Christmas, peaceful and loving births, and a hope that we all can share love which we receive at birth with others around us through our Christ has and does.

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Birth is a Journey: Does it have to be life changing?

  • One woman might have to climb on an overfilled boat, risking her life and nearly dying as she escapes over the ocean to come to this land. This experience could certainly be life altering. It may very well color the rest of her life, positively or negatively. (I overcame this amazing struggle and here I am triumphant! OR Holy crap, that was SO hard I don’t know if I can go on! By the way, neither response is “right”. No one would judge the woman with the 2nd response.)
  • One woman may buy an airplane ticket, sit on a comfortable 747 and fly to America with a nice smooth flight and landing. She is happy to be in America. Those welcoming her are glad she is here safe and sound. She may only travel by plane 2-4 times in her life, so it is pretty memorable. But the journey itself probably wouldn’t be life changing; it would simply be a journey.
  • One woman may learn to fly an ultra-light plane to lead a flock of geese into America teaching them to migrate. This experience could certainly be empowering and life altering.