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Friday, May 20, 2011

Essential oils during the childbearing years-Clary Sage Oil

Clary sage oil has an antidepressant effect.  I would find this useful for post partum depression.  It also helps to decrease feelings of stress.  Again, this would be useful in the postpartum stage as well as during labor.  This might also prove useful if a stressful situation arises during labor.  Like Lavender, it may help decrease stress and anxiety and therefore provide a better oxygenated environment for the baby.

Clary sage has also been found to be effective in alleviating labor pain.  I feel like it may also be beneficial for afterpains as it is said to help increase uterine contraction, while decreasing pain.  The woman can place a few drops on her hand and inhale it during contractions.

Another place Clary sage might be useful is during prelabor.  It might help a woman relax or get her labor into a more productive pattern.  A warm bath with clary sage and lavender might be useful at this time.  To help a woman get into a more productive labor pattern, try rubbing the oil on acupressure points to help in labor and put pressure on it.

It has also been found effective in treating menstral cramps.

Some antedotal uses I've found:
It helps bring about a feeling of peace and calm.  I thought this might be especially useful for those planning on useing hypnobirthing and have a harder time relaxing.  This may also help with post partum depression or just the baby blues.

Induces a feeling of relaxation...may be useful if a woman has had a long labor, or during predromal labor, to help her sleep.

It may also be useful if you are having problem with high blood pressure and get your circulation moving.

It may possibly help with infertility.

Precautions:  Clary sage is said to help stimluate the uterus and should not be used during pregnancy.  Use in moderation as it may produce symptoms of euphoria and headaches.  Clary sage and alcohol have a narcotic effect, so don't use both of these together.

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