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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hypnobirthing-what others have said

Ok, so I've kind of got myself interested in this whole hypnobirthing idea and I went searching around the web for others stories.  So, I thought I'd share the good and the bad:)

"I didn't use Hypnobabies, but I did go to some sessions with a hypnotherapist. I can't say how well it helped in labor, subconciously it definitely helped me stay relaxed, but I never was able to do the full on listening to my cd and relaxing thing that I intended to. My labor went from zero to sixty in no time at all, and I just didn't have a chance to use the hypnosis. All in all, I am glad I learned it. It was fun to practice!"

"i did hypnobabies, practiced daily, did all the homework, etc. it did NOT work for me. in fact listening to a woman telling me it didn't hurt, was just "pressure" on a cd while i was in labor was extremely irritating."

"I used HB with my second dd, who was born in Sept 06, after not being very happy w/ my induction/epi delivery with my first dd in Sept 04. I had a great delivery experience the second time. I was healthier and more comfortable in my pregnancy (climbing stairs at 40 weeks). I arrived in the hospital room fully dilated, and had the baby in 4 pushes, -- and 4 because I lost focus a little. I also didn't need pain medication after delivery the 2nd time, either. Other than the local anesthetic for the tear, I only took one Motrin the next night trying to grab a little more rest. (DD was born at 4:23 AM. ) Having a comfortable natural childbirth was such a wonderful feeling. 6 months later, I could use that feeling again."

"I had studied hypnobirthing the mongan method but found it dull and not very detailed. I felt kind of left to my own devices with it. So about 2 weeks before my son was actually born, almost 4 weeks before he was due, I bought the home study course for hypnobabies. I got 9.. NINE, days practice. You're supposed to have 6 weeks... and out of a 14 hour labor, 7 hours was completely pain free. I felt sensations mostly. But seriously when that 7 hour mark hit back labor started, and that was REALLY hard for me to focus enough to use any kind of hypnosis. Especially with only 9 days practice.
My son was a home birth, born about 12 days early, but it was AMAZING."

"We used HypnoBirthing (Mongan Method) for our first child. We took the class from a very experienced licensed Hypnotherapist, who also happend to the and OB nurse on a L&D ward.
Working with a real hypnotherapist was very important for me. She made sure I had reached very deep hypnosis and relaxation.

I practiced everyday for a couple of hours at a time for the 6 weeks. My husband practiced and even recorded scripts for me in his own voice.

Between laboring in the nice warm bathtub and Hypnobirthing, I can say I had a "pain free" labor.

HypnoBirthing works! You must practice, practice, practice. I feel that a REAL instructor is important. A comitted support person or spouse is very important. This is the person who will get you back on track with your hypnosis if you become distracted or off track."

"My first child I had after taking traditional Lamaze classes. I used Hypnobirthing for my second child and loved loved loved it.  I saw an absolute difference in the experience and I plan on using it with this birth too. I feel like there are things I could have done "better", and look forward to making those changes.

For me, the techniques worked best in the first two stages of labor. I had a very large baby (9.5 lbs and she her shoulders were stuck) so the pushing stage was difficult. I also sort of lost my "edge" when I made the mistake of asking to be checked for dilation and found out I wasn't as far as I thought.

I was able to really be in control and just flow with the "surges" (as contractions are called) during the first two stages with the relaxation. Next time I would have my husband take more control or a more active part of the relaxation techniques in the later stages. This was his first child though, so he didn't know what to expect.

I highly recommend starting the classes or practice as early as possible (beginning of 3rd trimester is good) so you feel really comfortable with the techniques and get your husband/partner to be as active with them as possible.

My experience was not "pain free" but I did have a completely natural, med free, with no tearing birth. I do believe it is possible to stay completely calm and relaxed throughout to not experience the "pain" that most women do and hope to experience that with this birth. "

"I tried hypnobirthing with my first and it was an utter failure!

With my second, I had a beautiful birth, but not because of hypnobirthing. I found out that I NEED to move around and yell (very primal!) and I found that I just couldn't concentrate on the hypnobirthing exercises while moving around."

"I did Hypno for all three of my birhts. There are three rules for a successful hypno kind of birth:
1. Begin early in pregnancy (before 20 weeks is great!)
2. Practice the tape(s) at least once per day/night (fine to sleep thro it)
3. When Labor comes, don't try to enter a hypnosis state. It's not accurate to think you should be calmly laying there. You need to do what your body wants you to do. Behind your conscious brain, in your subconscious, they hypno is working. Mongan is one of the few hypno instructors that doesn't understand "sleep like" states are not productive for labor!

Here are my hypno birth stories:
1st baby used HypnoBirthing, only had pain for last 1-2 hours
2nd Baby used Birth Imagery, short intense labor, but not painful per say.
3rd Baby used Birth Imagery starting at 14 weeks. AMAZING birth. 1 hour, 40 minutes long but never painful for a second."

I think my suspecions are confirmed(well at least for me:)).  Hypnobirthing helps most women work through labor.  The goal does appear to have a pain free birth, though, as most women used that as the comparison point.  So it worked if it was pain free, and it didn't work if it wasn't pain free.  There are some women who need something more than the need to move, or labor is moving too fast to be able to do this, or some women may not want to do the amount of practicing it takes.  

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